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Pet of the Year!

I thought long and hard about who I would choose as Pet of the Year if it was up to me.

So many names came to mind. In fact, every name of every pet from every fur-mommy and fur-daddy came to mind. I could never choose just one. Of course, my own sweet Jazi is #1 on my personal list. She's my diamond, my pearl, my ruby, my rock!! She's my world and I couldn't imagine my life without her. She changed everything in my life....that tiny little 5.5lb angel of love. She knows how much I love her and and I know I'm her world. Beaumont and Izi are my solid fur family. I know they love me with every part of their being.

So, my Pet of the Year are ALL THE PETS I've come to love that belond to you!!

Congrats, for winning the heart of your precious furbaby the day you held them an brought them home!!


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